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It’s that time of the year on University campuses where professors have their students working all kinds of weird and wonderful projects.  I’m no exception and the following is a list of excellent social media links, which I feel are excellent, reads (meaning excellent benchmarking articles for their social media projects).

Even if you do not have a project due before the end of the semester, I am sure there are a number of nuggets to pull any of these articles.  Enjoy!


Integrated Marketing: If You Knew it, You’d Do it from Business Week.

Why visual storytelling is the future of digital

For Social Media Marketers, SEO is Much More Popular than PPC

6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media

4 Ways to Create Brand Content People Actually Care About

Do Native Ads Work?  

PepsiCo puts QR Codes in the Center of New Global Campaign

Dunkin’ Donuts Amplifies Mobile Effort with Instagram, Halloween-Themed Initiatives

5 Ways Instagram Can Boost your Marketing Plan

Pin to Win: The Ultimate Short Guide to Pinterest for Business

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following


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