Content Marketing: A Primer

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One of my colleagues in the Stillman School of Business sent me this article from the New York Times discussing a SEO/SEM content marketing strategy (e.g., search engine optimization/search engine marketing).  The faculty member had a few questions but I noticed this article was really a good primer on what content marketing is and what content marketing can do for your business.

That said, the phrase “content marketing” is not present in the article and the article’s pitch is on answering customer questions with brutal honest.  However, the article is really a nice primer on what content marketing can do for your firm.  The only thing I would like to add is (1) it is not as easy as it was described in the article (2) while this strategy is not expensive in terms of dollar cost, it can be in terms of time, and (3) the pool category (the exemplar in the article) is rather thin; it would take us much longer to achieve similar results in a more competitive category.

Something to check out today…

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