Blogging 101: 5 Characteristics of a Blogger

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Blogging is one of my passions, as I like to pass on nuggets (most people call them takeaways) to friends, current students and past students.  I was listening to the Social Media Examiner podcast yesterday and Michael Stelzner did a great interview with Stanford Smith on blogging. During the interview, Stanford outlined 5 key characteristics or traits successful bloggers have such as being a: (1) dreamer or the ability to think big, (2) good storyteller, (3) teacher, (4) persuader, and/or (5) curator (e.g., having a knack for finding good content or interesting knowledge).  During interview, Michael and Stanford also talk about how to build an audience, blogging writing styles, and other blog related topics.

This is an excellent podcast and it is something to check out today.

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