Apple TV? Maybe Its Just A Cable Box

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Dr. Dan-o is in the news! Well…. Apple and a potential Apple TV is a more accurate headline that is more often in the news.  Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster proposed various scenarios for Apple TV (click here) but I didn’t agree and offered an alternative strategy.  The article in Forbes Magazine can be found here.


Dr. Dan-o


3 thoughts on “Apple TV? Maybe Its Just A Cable Box

  1. Nicely done, Dan. Your alternative is likely precisely because your argument that Apple disrupts (yes, that word again!) is actually based on our collective experience with the company and its strategy.

  2. Great article! Can’t wait to see what apple comes up with. Between Verizon and Comcast, I am really not very impressed with the interfaces. I am skeptical about how useful Internet can be on a tv. Would you really want to read articles/research products from across the room? Seems that people do enjoy browsing the Internet and Facebook on there lap while watching TV. Could be interesting to see of they have come up with a way to make this behavior of using your TV for Internet make more sense. Siri would be a great way to watch channels on demand!

  3. Hey Professor, Congrats on your article being published in Forbes. I think you could be on to something. Apple is a leading innovator and an Apple cable box would make a lot more sense than apple trying to revolutionize the television set itself.

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