Apple Social Responsibility in China: An Update

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Tim Cook is often criticized and it is not hard to find a “Fire Tim Cook” article in the blogosphere (note: these usually come from the Wall Street financial writers).  I have been writing for some time that Tim Cook has been stepping out from the shadow of Steve Jobs (ex. 2013 WWDC Round upIs Apple Cursed?The Legacy of Steve Jobs).

Another example of how Tim Cook is being different from Mr. Jobs is Apple’s social responsibility in China. In a recent Apple 2.0 Blog post, Philip Elmer-DeWitt called it a complete 180 stating:

The bulk of the work Apple has done began in 2012, after the death of Steve Jobs. It is generally believed that Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has been traveling to China as a supply chain executive for many years, has been supportive of Apple’s cooperation with environmental groups in a way that Jobs was not. Ma said he has not met with Cook but that he has held meetings with other high-level Apple executives.”

The shadow of Steve Jobs still looms large today but as a leader, Tim Cook has been making the CEO office his own and I expect even more Tim Cook fingerprints in the coming year.

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