Apple Maps, Smartphone Survey, Campbell Soup Going Digital and Other Interesting Stuff

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I have been quite busy over the last week so today’s post is more of a round-up of interesting articles.

I was reading Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s Apple 2.0 blog the other day and I feel he offered the best explanation to why Apple pulled the plug on Google maps.  I think more interesting is Apple’s C-suite of old is more to blame than Apple’s C-Suite of new.  Why didn’t this happen with iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4G?

On another topic, we often talk about when markets switch from pure growth and shift to a mature marketplace that is zero-sum.  This link, also from Apple 2.0, adds to the growing evidence that the smartphone marketplace is getting closer to becoming mature.

Staying on the Apple theme, here’s a solid argument to why iPhone 5 opening weekend wasn’t as soft as everyone thought.

The history of computing in fewer than ten slides?  That’s a link checking out.

Campbell Soup’s CEO Denise Morrison has made digital media a top priority and Adam Kmiec, global head of digital marketing & social media at Campbell Soup Co., will get it done.  Campbell Soup, “will become the most digitally fit [consumer packaged-goods] organization in the world,” says Mr. Kmiec.

I’m consistently following Yahoo and everyone is curious to see what Yahoo will become once its irons out its strategy.  Now I wonder what acquisitions CEO Marissa Mayer will do with the Alibaba cash.

Finally, they may be the CEO but they are not very social; a great article from Harvard Business Review on why CEO’s don’t tweet.


Lot’s to think about today…


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