Apple 2013 WWDC Round-Up: Welcome to the Post-Steve Jobs Era

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I believe the blogosphere is just starting to grapple with that happened yesterday at Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote Address – Welcome to the post Steve Jobs Apple. We know that Apple has been highly criticized in the business press for “the lack of innovation” since the passing of Steve Jobs – especially recently over the last nine months since we have not had a major announcement from Apple (whereas Apple rarely when 3 to 6 months without announcing a major update of some sort).

Apple had a major transition in October 2012 updating the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and introducing the iPad mini in a 4-week span. By the end of that Oct, Forstall was gone and the entire management team was shaken-up and re-aligned.  Jony Ive was placed in charge of hardware and software and yesterday, we saw the first look at the post Steve Jobs Apple – further evidenced by the 90-second introduction video at the keynote and the new “signature” 60-second TV commercial.

One of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes was “Design is not just what it looks like.  Design is how it works” and yesterday, Ive and team demonstrated that philosophy as the main driver in iOS7 and OSX Mavericks.  Apps that “nap” to conserve battery life – graphics that use less juice because they are flatter and more translucent (e.g., less 3D visual reputation) – resulting in a strikingly different look and feel for iOS7 and OSX Mavericks – so much so, that I bet there will be A LOT of people at the Genius Bar to get themselves a refresher course on their iPhones and Macs this fall.

The Keynote was long – 2 hours. What other tech company can hold an audience for 2 hours? Overall, the blogosphere has been measured and positive. The links below represents some of the most interesting links I found on yesterday’s event.


The full 2-hour keynote

The 90-second version

A review from various Wall Street analysts

A review from Apple super blogger John Gruber

A list of stats from yesterday’s keynote

11 Jaw dropping features of iOS7

-Apple is making Bing the default search engine for Siri!

-A video of one idiot who thinks Steve Jobs would strangle the current CEO Tim Cook for the lack of innovation

ALL something to check out today…

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  1. Great work Dan! I’m using the HBS Apple 2010 case in MKT 419 this summer and this is exactly what we’ve been discussing. Thanks for providing them a must read.


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