3-D printing & the MakerBot Movement

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I’m a big fan of the new, odd, weird and different out there on the cutting edge so it’s not surprising that TED and its excellent talks have been featured here on DigNuggetville. Does this grab your attention?

“In the 20th century, getting your child a toy car meant a trip to a shopping mall. In the 21st century, it can mean going to your computer, downloading a file and creating the toy on your 3-D printer.”

The latest at TED’s Global Conference features Massimo Banzio who highlights the open-source movement and what it means for people who like to build things (e.g., via an at home 3D printer – click here for video).  In addition, CNN.com does a nice overview (click here) of Massimo as well as the other interesting presenters from the June Global Conference.

Something interesting to check out today…



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