25 Solid LinkedIn Tips

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As I have said before in class, LinkedIn is a necessity in today’s corporate world.  The following article (click here) does nice job highlighting a number of solid tips.  Extra focus on the final eight is key, in particular, “groups” and “answers.”


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2 thoughts on “25 Solid LinkedIn Tips

  1. Just read the LinkedIn article, very helpful. My profile is definitely better and more attractive then before. I know its off topic but I just listened to a Spotify ad addressing Piracy; saying how it’s not cool and by simply paying their membership fee each song we listen to goes to the Artist and why shouldn’t we pay for something that we enjoy. I thought it was very interesting and had to share.

    P.S- The article inspired me to get the LinkedIn iphone app and start updating statuses.

    • Hola Myles – I find it odd that a firm like Spotify is holding “piracy” over its users heads as a reason to convert a user to a upscale paid membership. So let’s put it this way, they are given their users a “guilt trip” as an MO to convert to paid customers. Now is that really the best way to start a relationship with someone – especially if you expect that relationship to last? I do not think so….

      Dr. Dan-o

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