Milestone Post – #100

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Today’s DigNuggetville post is a milestone: #100.  As I stated in The Inaugural Post, “The number one mission of this blog is to disseminate, distribute, broadcast, circulate, etc., nuggets.”

In the first 100 posts, the DigNuggetville blog has experienced 2,231 visits, 1,323 unique visitors, and 3,578 page views.  Not bad – not spectacular but a start to say the least.

I look forward to what next 100 posts will bring.  In the meantime, I listed the next flight of posts with links in case anyone in the group needs a nugget or two for their journals.

Thanks for all the support.


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Topic Talk Tuesday – Pinterest

Hola Todos!

Broadly speaking, it appears the lead candidate for Social Media Story of the Year goes to Pinterest.  To be honest, I am not in the vanguard with this new social media play so I’m learning too.  I have two interesting articles to read: (1) today on (click here) and (2) one from the Chicago Tribune (click here).

Finally, I have an interesting conversation/thread from one of my Linkedin groups discussing if/how to use Pinterest for qualitative online marketing research.

 How are you using Pinterest?

 -“I am not using it but have started to see/hear about it in blogs etc. what is relevance to marketing research or qualitative world?”

– “I just got my account and I’m starting to play around with it this weekend. I’m going to be using it for blogging and reports/presentations first, but it seems like the kind of thing that would have lots of applications in terms of respondent exercises. I’d be very interested in hearing what people are doing, too.

My one concern right now is making it available for respondent use in its current version. I know it took several days to get my own account up and running. And, if I’m not mistaken, I think it’s still a beta version, which suggests that there are still wrinkles to be ironed out. I would hate to design a respondent exercise using it and having current technical issues ruin its introduction as a tool to my clients.”

-“Many brands have started using Pinterest as a platform to conduct market research or test product launches. In recent days one creative suggestion was to use Pinterest as sort of social online focus group to see first – hand on platform reactions not inundated as Facebook.”

-“Pinterest is still in Beta and does take time to start a board and build pins. It is not a blog. You can blog about it, but not on Pinterest, yet. Here’s a way I can see it being used but as far as I know the boards are open to anyone so any proprietary materials would not be secure. 1. As a specific on-line collage tool 2. As a sorting tool for brand imagery 3. As a tool for creating concepts. 4. As a tool for evaluating concepts. I’m waiting for the right project to try it.”

-“A colleague of mine and I started hearing about it from respondents themselves during an online qualitative project we were doing and we too thought it had some real potential. I echo Diane’s concerns about security but certainly there could be a way to communicate privately with respondents do have them use the platform as a type of projective activity much like we get them to find and upload pics from the internet to communicate ideas?”

-“After playing with Pinterest for the first time yesterday, I can attest that it has great potential for use as a projective/collaging tool. If they’re anything like me, they’ll enjoy the exercise immensely. I started playing at about 10:30 and before I knew it, it was 1:00 in the morning. I also got the sense that there is lots of “browsing” and public support/discussion of new pins. That is, at least, if response to my “I think I need a vacation—everything I look at seems to involve pillows, windows, and books” pin is any indication.”


Best regards

Dr. Dan-o


Daniel M. Ladik, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University





Super Bowl Ads – At $166,667 a Second

Hola Todos!

I hope you all enjoyed the game.  Congratulations goes out to Giants and Eli fans and sympathy to the Patriots and Tom fans.  (Us Eagles fans know how you feel Boston fans).  However, congratulations should also go out to NBC/Comcast for selling out (early) all 54 of those $3.5 million dollar ads we just saw on the Super Bowl; that’s $189 million bucks – Wow (and that was just during the game)!

I’m sure we all had our favorites.  The USA Today favored the dogs (e.g., Doritos, VW, and Bud Light’s Weego – click here) while The Wall Street Journal favored the cars (e.g., Acura, Chrysler, VW – a triple whammy with dogs, cars AND Star Wars, as well as, Honda/Ferris Bueller – click here).

Personally, I thought top honors should go to the $5.84 million Chrysler/Clint Eastwood spot and agreed (click here).

While I enjoyed many of the ads last night, the one I feel that will stick with me for a few days, the one that made me think, the one that made me feel – was the Chrysler halftime spot. The ad was created by one of the top ad agencies of my generation – Weiden + Kennedy.  Weiden + Kennedy is famously Nike’s long-time advertising firm and they also made the Coke polar bear spots last night which also fared well.

In my eyes, a successful advertisement has to convey a story to get the brand message to imprint in viewers’ brains.  A tip of the hat goes to the Weiden + Kennedy for telling the best story of night and I bet that story will last longer in water cooler discussionland than another other story we saw last night.

Best regards

Dr. Dan-o


Daniel M. Ladik, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University

Apple TV? Maybe Its Just A Cable Box

Hola Todos!

Dr. Dan-o is in the news! Well…. Apple and a potential Apple TV is a more accurate headline that is more often in the news.  Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster proposed various scenarios for Apple TV (click here) but I didn’t agree and offered an alternative strategy.  The article in Forbes Magazine can be found here.


Dr. Dan-o


Facebook and the IPO

Hola Todos!

Well…. the day has finally come – Facebook filed IPO earlier this evening and their S1 is now available (click here).

Right now, the blogoshere (Twitter, blogs, etc) is having a field day as my relatively small Twitter feed is seeing 10 to 15 new tweets per minute.

I am sure there will be better and more detailed articles published in the next 24 (Facebook has almost a 20 to 25% margin last year!  That’s better then I thought) but for now, here’s two really good ones

Details on the S1 (click here)

New expectations on a young and soon to be billionaire CEO (click here)

Happy reading..


Dr. Dan-o



MAKE Your New Years Resolution Stick! – Update: February Edition

Hola Todos!

We are 31 days in or 1/12 of the way through 2012 and one of the tenets of strategic planning is to review the plan on an ongoing basis and make adjustments when needed.

As I will emphasize all year, three key tips to accomplishing your goals are

#1 – Big Rocks First (click here for full blog post), #2 – 30 Days is Key (to Make it a Habit) (click here for full blog post), and #3 – Share Your Goals. In the spirit of #3, here’s the update:

#1 – Focus & Simplify – Its not easy to shake the multi-tasking myth (e.g., that a human can actually juggle and be effective with more then one big rock at a time) and drill the  “Less is More” mantra into my brain.  Perhaps that is one of those phrases I need to tattoo to my arm.  The key to focus & simplify is to (a) say “no” more often, (b) try not to add anything additional to my Big Rock lists and (c) review those Big Rock lists more often to stay on top of them.  I’d say, so far, so good with item #1. Stay the course….

#2 – I need 2 academic research articles published this year – Of the 5 goals, this one is the most important and I am happy to say I’ve seen progress with goal #2.  I have been very active on two particular articles and I was hoping in early January that one of them would have been under review.  That didn’t happen but one is close (e.g., I will be very disappointed if it is not under review by the end of February).  At the same time, I have been pushing the petal to the metal on the other one too.  I’m not sure if that one will be under review at the end of February but it should be close.

#3 – Run the Broad Street Run – Of the 5 goals, this is the one that I have made the most progress.  I’ve dropped a little weight but more importantly, I have been maintaining my Long Slow Distance (AKA LSD) runs.  LSD runs are exactly as they sound, (a) slower than your race pace, (b) longer than your normal daily runs, and (c) key to building up endurance and muscle. In my mind, the 10 Mile Broad Street Run is a 90-minute race and my last LSD run in January was 45 minutes.  Today’s LSD run, aided by the good winter weather in the Northeast, should be 50 minutes.

#4 – Take a Deep Dive into Twitter – Let’s just say, I have taken the “deep dive” and boy does this pool seem odd.  Twitter is not how I thought it would be (e.g., something akin to Facebook/email hybrid).  The big lesson or nugget I can pass along is…. don’t think of Twitter like email.  I’m only following four-dozen people right now and its impossible to keep up with everyone’s stream.  To be honest, I’m still not comfortable with the idea that I’m missing out on something but I’m starting to get the feeling that Twitter more of a merry-go-round then a roller coaster.  In other words, if you miss seeing someone on a merry-go-round then you will see them the next time around (e.g., it will be re-tweeted) but if you miss someone on a roller coaster, you will not see them until you get off the ride (e.g., more like email).  I, as well as my graduate social media class, are reading “The Tao of Twitter” (click here) by Mark Schaefer and I have even had a Tweet back-and-forth with Mark.

#5 – Double my DigNuggetville Traffic – Of the five goals, I have worked the least on this one and not surprisingly, I have the least progress to report here.  The numbers have held steady and I did have my largest 1-day spike of unique users.  In addition, I surpassed 1,000 unique visitors for the first time since starting DigNuggetville.  I still do not have this Big Rock worked out yet.  Journal articles come first.

Thank you all for listening.  Stay tuned for the Leap Year February edition in 29 days.

Best regards,

Dr. Dan-o